Friday, May 2, 2008

Math Bulletin Board

I chose this Bulletin Board because I was impressed by the design and the creativity that went into making this board. The colors used in the board are easy to read, and go along with the Fall theme. The bulletin board is easy to read and has a lot of great math facts on the board. The board is also very cultural. It is unlikely to see two different ethnic groups displayed on a bulletin board and I thought that the creators of this board did an excellent job of included diversity into their board. The only downfall to this board is that the math facts are written farely small, therefore whoever is reading the board would have to be very close in order to see what the math facts said. Overall, I was impressed by this bulletin board! I think that the colors are very professional as well as easy to read, and I also like the fact that the board is diverse. This is a board that would brighten up any classroom!

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